The "Do it All" EDC Watch. Is it worth It?

"Who wouldn't want a watch with a built in knife, wrench, compass, whistle, flashlight, and a fero rod. with a paracord wrist strap."

My EDC has grown over the past year. Carrying more stuff means that there is a wider array of problems that I can handle. Of course that also means that I'm often running out of pocket space. When that happens it's time to evaluate. How much to I really need all this stuff in my pockets? Is there a way that I could streamline my EDC or cut something out. Sometimes I can lighten the load, and others I decide to just deal with it.

Then I saw this survival watch. It was like a Swiss-Army-Knife and a watch rolled into one with a very attractive paracord wrist strap. It's hard to have too much paracord. So, I promptly ordered it and waited in anticipation. Could one tool replace my watch, flashlight, multi-tool, and paracord bracelet?

When the watch arrived I couldn't wait to open it and try it out. The integrated LED flashlight was excellent I gave just enough light to work with, but it wasn't too bulky. It was placed conveniently under the the wrist so that it lit whatever I was working on.

That's about where the good things end. The compass works, but only with the strap undone because of the iron in the integrated knife blade thaWho wouldn't want a watch with a built in knife, wrench, compass, flashlight, and a fero

rod. with a paracord wrist strap. t fit just beneath the compass. The blade is small and uncomfortable to use. The fero rod was awk

ward to reach. and the built

in wench could barely rea

ch a nut, if it happened to be the right size.

I might have been able to get past all that because it was still awesome that they could fit so much into a tiny package, but there was one more flaw. Sometimes it's the little things that matter. That beautiful paracord wrist strap was not

adjustable, and it was the wrong size. It didn't fit. The thing flopped all over when I wore it. I just couldn't stand to have the watch on.

I have had much more success carrying separate items than a single all in one watch. When I deploy my paracord, I still have a watch. When I need a tool my Gerber Multi-tool is much less awkward to use. My knife is still accessible while I've got my flashlight out. So in the end I've decided to keep my tools separate and they seem to serve me better that way.

P.S. By the way. the whistle worked great!

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