Live Prepared

  2020 shattered my perspective like a stained glass window. I experienced disease, mass hysteria, an earthquake, and civil unrest. All of it was outside of my control. I wasn't prepared for any of that, and most of my friends and neighbors weren't either. We got through it all right, but we were lucky. Things could have been much worse.

 By 2021, we were living a different life. We had flashlights, water filters, a generator, and food storage.  I tinkered with radios, started a homestead, and joined the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

All that preparation was a lot of work, but it made many things in life easier.  Everyday things from bike repair to breakfast, were handled by our preparations.  I began to wonder how I every lived without a pocket knife, or multi-tool. We were learning to live prepared. 

I knew that we had come on this amazing journey with all of it's triumphs and pitfalls for a reason.  That's why I started Reliance Tech. It's a way of sharing everything we've learned, and building a more independent self reliant life.  We're on a journey, and hopefully we can help you on yours. 

- Mark S.

Working from Home